The creative vortex of LA, the vibrant ARTS DISTRICT!  71 murals flowing throughout this walkable residential neighborhood, 2 of the hottest restaurants in LA, boutique art galleries, artisnal ice cream, live/work lofts & cutting edge Retail products with social impact philosophies.

Follow down a shadowy path of true crime...The Night Stalker, the Skid Row Slasher, the Black Dahlia, the Skid Row Slayer to name a few infamous characters. Which hotel holds the record for numerous serial killer residents AND murders...come along for this dark ride...

Come explore my Top 10 favorite Speakeasies & Hidden Bars in DTLA! Get ready to vicariously taste some of the most flavor forward, artisanal cocktails in LA. These mixologists are serious about producing the best craft cocktail experience in cozy, sexy bars using organic in-house mixers, elixirs & tonics meant to excite you! 

Ahhhhh...the fabulous, diverse Movie Palaces with French, Spanish, Moorish and Regency architecture to 'lure' in the movie going public of the 1920s and 1930s!  Who knew that Downtown LA had (and still has) more movie palaces than anywhere else in the world!  Come along for the tour, as I share my 6 favorites...

This 1st Episode will clue you into this season’s…Serial killers, fashionistas, best restaurants in LA, over-the-top movie palaces, rooftop venues, railroad & publishing baron Disruptors of the past, historic architecture to rival Europe, sleek artistic upscale living Districts & current day Influencers… Come along for the ride as we inspire you to ‘expose’ yourself to Downtown LA!

March 22, 2019


Lynda's insider PODCAST 'exposing'... Disruptors, Speakeasies, Influencers, Restaurants, Movie Palaces & True Crime stories